Bayline Marine Covers offers customers a wide range of boating related products at highly competitive prices. We only supply top quality products and services that meet the very highest industry standards.

We supply products that are both functional and durable in all types of environments, often designed specifically for marine use.  From simple ice tubs to jet ski covers and pontoon fenders, we have the materials to conduct a complete boat fitout. All of our products conform to Australian standards and are built to last.

Our pontoon fenders offer effective protection and are manufactured from high-grade marine canvas to ensure that they stay functional for many years. Whether you are looking for tinnie cushions in leather or vinyl, or seeking upholstered ice tubs, you are in the right place. Make Bayline Marine Covers your one stop shop for a whole range of quality boat related products and accessories at the most competitive prices in the Coomera area.


Ice Tubs

Ice Tubs.jpg

Bayline Marine Covers has designed a range of attractive and functional ice tubs that can double up as extra seating or footstools. These quality ice tubs are fully upholstered in leather or vinyl, making them suitable for use on your boat or the outdoor areas of your home.

They are the perfect place to keep beer, wine, and other cold beverages perfectly chilled without taking up usable space on your boat.

We can customise your ice tubs to match the trim of your boat or your outdoor furniture, and can even add your company logo or other embellishments of your choice. Our ice tubs make ideal corporate gifts for business clients and friends.

As with all of our products, our ice tubs are made from the highest quality materials, designed by skilled craftsmen who will ensure that they remain functional in a marine environment for many years to come. 


Jet Ski Covers

jetski cover.png

If you own a jet ski, it is important to take care of it and protect it from the elements when it is not in use. Many jet ski owners opt to invest in a quality jet ski cover that offers the maximum protection for such an expensive asset.

Bayline Marine Covers sells custom-made jet ski covers that are manufactured using high-grade marine fabrics and designed to withstand the elements. As with all of our high quality products, each and every one is a perfect fit and it won’t warp, shrink, or tear under normal use. These covers are designed to stay in place, even when the weather gets wet and windy.


Boat Matresses

Boat Matresses.jpg

Finding quality boat mattresses can prove to be a difficult task, unless you know exactly where to look. Here at Bayline Marine Covers, we are the leaders in high quality, custom-made mattresses for all types of boats, from cabin cruisers to high-end luxury yachts.

We only use the finest quality materials, and all of our products are custom-made by skilled trimmers with many years of marine upholstery experience.

Our custom design and manufacture service ensures that our boat mattresses are a perfect fit every single time. Our team understands that marine applications are unlike more conventional upholstery, and that the demands involved are unique to our industry. We will ensure that you end up with a product that will provide years of trouble-free use and remain beautiful throughout its life.


Pontoon Fenders

Pontoon Fenders.jpg

Here at Bayline Marine Covers, we take a great deal of pride from providing our customers with the best products at extremely reasonable prices. Our marine products and accessories are manufactured to the highest standards from the best available materials for the job, and our quality pontoon fenders are no exception.

They are designed to perform faultlessly for many years, while withstanding the rigours of a marine environment and all conditions of the Australian climate.

Our customers have come to expect the very best of us in all of the services and products that we supply, and we have always delivered on their expectations. Our philosophy of quality, customer service, and attention to detail is diligently applied to all of our products, from the design phase to the final supply and fitting.


Boating Accessories

Boating Accessories.jpg

Here at Bayline Marine Covers, we are pleased to offer our customers a range of quality boat accessories at very realistic prices. All of our accessories are manufactured to the very highest standards and, as with all of our products, they are made using the very best available materials.

Our team of skilled trimmers and upholsterers are passionate about the work they carry out, and they take a great deal of pride from seeing our products satisfy the needs of our customers.

From ice tubs that double as seating to high grade carpeted pontoon fenders, all of our boating accessories are designed to provide many years of trouble-free service in a marine environment. Our specialist boating accessories also include custom boat bras and purpose-made bow tents, which are ideal for those boating weekends away.


Bow tents 

If you need extra shade for those lazy, sun-filled days out on your boat, one of our bow tents will provide a simple, effective solution. Just set it up on the bow and you will be prepared for a relaxing time in the shade.

Custom boat bras

Our custom-made boat bras are easy to use and don’t require the screwing of any fittings or fixtures into the boat. They are easy to use and take only minutes to fit.